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Octavio P. Knox

Couldn’t be happier with Abbot Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston. The owner of the company quickly responded to my call and remedied the problem I was having for quite some time as swiftly as possible. Actually, it was a failed job from another cleaning company I hired a few weeks before I called them. I’m so happy with their services. Will definitely recommend them!

Steve Hayden

Our dryer stopped working about a month ago. That never happened before. I was worried that it complete failed and won’t be fixable, which means that I’ll have to buy a new one anytime soon. Since our dryer was already 2 years old, I thought it was beyond repair. Lucky my husband came across Abbot Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston and decided to give them a call. The owner opened a schedule for us and went to our house to fix it. Because I knew that old dryers are bound to fail, I didn’t really expect more of it. Lo and behold, this company fixed our dryer vent, which was just filled with lint. Thanks to the team.

William Washington

Our dryer vent wasn’t working for a few days and then, it was fine. But after two days, it stopped working again. I tried to follow YouTube videos on how to DIY vent cleaning. I was able to get some of the lint and made our old machine work for another two days before it decided to stop working altogether. I was referred to Abbot Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston by a neighbor when she heard about my dilemma. Couldn’t be thankful for the referral.

David Mitchell

Our dryer used to polish off wet clothes in one cycle. But after some time, it became clogged and would need for me to repeat the drying process several times. Searched for a trustworthy dryer vent cleaning company and came across Abbot Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston. Now, our dryer vent’s been working like new.

Robert Folks

All I can say is the team from Abbot Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston is really dedicated to what they’re doing. They’re passionate, very courteous. I definitely am happy I called them to fix my dryer vent.

Greg Orman

The first repair guy they sent to our home last June 2019 didn’t do a great job with the cleaning. I had to call them again early this month for the same problem. The owner was so apologetic about what happened and promised he’d make sure that it was fixed properly. After he sent another repair guy, everything has been working smoothly.


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